EL-Lea-Eye-Em’s debut single, Funny Money, is no laughing matter…

EL-Lea-Eye-Em’s debut single,
Funny Money, is no laughing matter…

EL-Lea-Eye-Em’s hard-hitting debut single, Funny Money, is no laughing matter as it alerts us to the systemic flaws in the money and banking system that its writer, Kim Andrew Lincoln, believes are the root cause of all the world’s economic problems. Kim calls the system a “Tower of Babel” and asserts that it denies us abundance in: “Money, happiness and health” whilst enriching bankers. He accuses them of “stealing our wealth by stealth” through usury, asset confiscation, speculation and inflation, created by “too much money, too much debt.”

“I wrote this song to give people some understanding of how this system is so inimical to their interests, so that a momentum to replace it can be built. We are enslaved by debts we can’t repay, yet if we did, all the world’s money would be destroyed as 97% is in digital form, created out of nothing (on the strength of our creditworthiness) when loans are made. Usury must be abolished and a gold based currency established that cannot be manipulated. Banks should not have the power to create and destroy money and thus control countries through the money system” says Kim.

When an investment adviser, Kim predicted the 2008 crisis and devised a ‘Safety First Strategy’ that successfully protected his clients from the crash. He left that business in 2012 and now works writing songs. He has also written a book, A Golden Age Economy that gives an in depth description of the ‘funny money’ system, and which explains exactly how we can create an economy that delivers abundance to all people on Earth.

El-Lea-Eye-Em is Kim’s creation and the ‘Funny Money’ musicians are his old bandmates from First Things First, a North London based prog. rock group active in the seventies. Phil Souter (keyboards and lead vocals) co-wrote, arranged and produced the song. Paul Watson played guitar. On backing vocals was Phil’s daughter, Vicky Souter. Technical expertise was provided by Ray Wallace-Watson and Kim played drums.

Funny Money is a commercial song that employs the standard verse, bridge, chorus structure, but has a longer than usual instrumental middle section. It is catchy too, as “It has more hooks in it that a boat load of fishermen” says Kim.

The Funny Money video adds creative weight to Kim’s lyrics and was produced and directed by him. The song, however, does not fall neatly into any particular genre but draws from many, (including: pop, rock, dance and classical) packaged into something that is positive, refreshing and uplifting. Funny Money offers hope for a better world, but with the proviso that we must act to make it happen. It is the first of over forty songs that Kim currently plans to release.

Visit: www.el-lea-eye-em.com to hear it, watch the video, and discover what EL-Lea-Eye-Em means.

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