“When rhythm is distorted,
By “rocking” of the beat,
The pleasure comes from light built up
That’s suddenly released.
This takes place in our chakras,
Those seven disks of light,
That round our spinal column spin,
Without which there’s no life.”

(From ‘The Ballard of Voodoo
Rock’ by Kim Andrew Lincoln)

This mandala is a spiritual vision board (yantra) that displays, in a coded picture, a thousand words. The image talks to the soul. It by-passes the conscious mind (who thinks it knows everything there is about “reality”), and communicates with the soul who understands the coded message. It is a message of awakening, as it is your soul who knows why you are here on earth, and what you have come here to do. Your soul is far more powerful than your conscious mind, and if the soul could just wake up and remember the mission.

The power elite knows this is dangerous to them, so they try to prevent the soul awakening to her true identity. The soul is the feminine counterpart to the masculine Spirit in both men and women. The soul is creativity, a co-creator with God.

This mandala is about music that uplifts the soul through the power of Goodwill, Love and Wisdom, creating loving unity, compassion, enlightenment, harmony, truth, peace and the freedom to BE.

Whether you are spiritual or not, alters not one jot the energy (the life force by which you think, see, hear, feel, speak, walk, talk and act) that is released constantly to you from your I AM Presence (Higher Self), and is distributed to all of your energy centres (chakras), via the heart, to feed and nourish those centres. We then use that energy with every action we take, every thought we think, and every feeling we feel. We love or we hate. We lift someone up or condemn them. We are tolerant to others, or we blame and shame them. We fear or we trust. We spend our days acting out the dramas of our lives using this energy. We are told we have a choice and freewill, but in truth we are influenced to think, speak, feel and act in a certain way. Our choice and freewill are deliberately channelled in directions that are pre-ordained by the media – particularly the music industry.

What we listen to will control our moods, our thoughts and our decisions. It will influence how we act – for good or for ill. Where does our choice and our freewill enter into this? It doesn’t. The energy is taken without our knowledge, or our consent.

The music we listen to will determine our destiny.

In creative visualisation – made so popular by books such as The Secret – we are taught to visualise the GOOD we want by “seeing” a different future. We do this by creating a vision board of the life we wish to draw to us. We are taught that the thoughts we think constantly, and the feelings we constantly feel determines our future. If we don’t think about love, and feel love then we won’t manifest love in our lives. Maybe its time to stop allowing our future be determined by manufactured music created to hypnotise the soul to sleep.

This mandala is a spiritual picture, depicting a powerful, beautiful base chakra (the chakra of music and creation), which reflects only harmony, abundance and happiness, surrounded by a heart of divine love which radiates joy, faith, grace, hope, and goodwill. The soul then becomes at peace, free from the deliberate manipulation to create negative karma and circumstances devoid of love.

They say civilisations thrive or decline depending upon the music which is played and listened to.

This is your world, please choose its destiny.


Kim Andrew Lincoln