The right kind of music can and has changed society for the better, but the opposite is also true. EL-Lea-Eye-Em songs convey strong positive messages with lyrics and music designed to inform, enlighten and empower. The subject matter of each of the songs relates to one or more chapters in my book, A Golden Age Economy, so to get to the heart of what the songs are about, I recommend you read it.

But if that doesn’t float your boat, there is an ‘About’ the song summary in the Lyrics section of the website.

The songs are based on what I have learnt and experienced. They are apolitical and the central message is, that it is only when we observe God’s Laws, and recognise and listen to the divine within us, that life on Earth can be filled with the abundance that our maker wants us to have. And, that we must get rid of man-made laws that pervert or oppose God’s Laws.

While songs like Funny Money, and its sequel, Number of the Brand, expose wrongdoing and evil intent in the economy, the other main areas I cover include: the nature, aims and modus operandi of the power elite, caring for our planet and protecting our health. This is the subject matter of the ‘EL’ (Power) songs that delve into areas where I believe dark forces are actively doing harm by trying to prevent the Golden Age from manifesting, and, as such, are high energy, hard-hitting and direct. Specific subjects include: the poisoning of our air, water, land, food and bodies, bogus wars, alternative energy sources, the perversion of truth and religion, the falsification of science, information and news, and the surveillance state. Yes, George Orwell (1984) was right!

As you would expect the ‘Lea’ (Love) songs are much softer in tone as they concern both human love and divine love (the Creator’s love for his creation). Specific subjects include: the oneness of all life, love for nature, parental love, soulmates, forgiveness, bereavement, loneliness, lost love, regret, the role of angels and demons, and Christmas.

The third category are the ‘Eye’ (Wisdom) songs, which vary in tone, and in some cases, are intensely spiritual. Broadly speaking they are about who we are, why we are here and our connection to, and relationship with, the Creator. Specific subjects include: the I Am presence (Kingdom of God Within Us), the heart-mind relationship, divine plans, karma and reincarnation, past lives, the ego, reality detachment, raising consciousness, conquering our desires, learning from nature, and the akashic records (where everything you have ever thought, felt, said and done has been recorded and stored in heaven).

These core song themes correspond with the God Flames of Power, Love and Wisdom. EL-Lea-Eye-Em music does not fall into any particular genre but draws on many. At the heart of it is classical music, which is seamlessly assimilated into the songs to raise their vibration and provide hope for the future. The material is commercial to appeal to a wide audience and encompasses a broad range of musical styles and formats that provide a suitable platform for male and female lead vocalists. Although some of the songs would benefit from full orchestration, my original intention was that they should be recorded and performed using conventional pop/rock group instruments (e.g: keyboards, synthesisers, guitars and drums).


I hope you enjoy them…